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Do I need a chiropractor website?
Most definitely! The days in which people look to the phone book are long gone and if your practice does not have a website you are likely not going to be found. A quality chiropractor website is a necessity to grow and promote your business. Surprisingly this is still one of the most common questions that we hear when speaking with chiropractic offices.

At ChiroChoices, we teach you the fundamentals of the internet and make it easy to understand. A website lets your patients research your services and be able to make an informed decision regarding their treatment choices. It allows your practice to build credibility! Doctors and staff can provide a range of details that are specific to the practice and demonstrate how you look to improve upon the well-being of your patients. A website from ChiroChoices allows you to distribute of new patient forms (online or pdf), it can automatically communicate with your patients, and much more!
How often do I have to update content?
We recommend updates from time to time. Content updates can be manually inputted from your staff or newsletters can be inserted into your home page to provide a single update to the site that drives additional content and also refreshes the information on the home page at the same time. ChiroChoices can also provide content updates to your site as well. Content revision and updates allow for greater search engine optimization (SEO) for your site which enables it to gain organic placing over competing practices.
How much time do I need to spend on my website?
ChiroChoices websites are designed to save you time and more importantly money. Our default content is loaded to your site to allow near instant results for you. Some offices choose to adjust the wording (content) to their particular dialog with patients. However most offices appreciate the aspect that the initial content loaded onto the website is in simple, plain English terminology and generally do not make any changes.

ChiroChoices has a selection of over 5,000 images that are related to chiropractic care, so after our initial consultation call with your office we can generate a website that allows us to mirror your audience and enhance the visual appeal of your website.

In addition, ChiroChoices can allow anyone or just a single person in your office to edit content with no technical experience necessary. And of course, the staff at ChiroChoices are eager to help you make the most of your website.
Can we eliminate content displayed on our website?
Simply put, Yes you can! As part of our consultation with you, we help determine the best available content for your practice, but we are human too so every once in a while you may want to remove something altogether. And we are OK with that! Remember this is your website; we are here to make the best possible experience for you and your patients.

Certain information should not and cannot be removed from your site. Items such as privacy policy, HIPAA disclosure, terms of use, and the website footer cannot be removed.
Do I send you my information or can I edit it myself?
We always welcome clients to send us their information so we can format and arrange practice specific content the first time through. This saves you time and builds a better online presence for you out the gate. Once again this is your website, so you can edit the content anyway you see fit as well. You can always call the ChiroChoices staff and we can help to edit the information on your website with you or for you.
How do you compare to other web design companies?
ChiroChoices is a division of Cicor Marketing that has offices in Chicago, IL and Tampa, FL. Cicor Marketing is a dedicated web development company that has clients that expand all areas of the medical community as well as most every type of industry. Cicor Marketing focused on achieving the highest possible results for every client and many of the staff have been working in the Internet marketing industry since 1998.

The key advantages of working with ChiroChoices is that our focus is purely on the chiropractic, wellness, and spa industries which allows our staff to dedicate themselves to making your website remarkable.

ChiroChoices is the web company of choice for chiropractors and multidisciplinary practices that are looking to distinguish themselves from competitors, increase their patient flow, and ultimately increase their revenues.

Many clients of ours have worked with other companies, local designers, and have tried designing their own websites in the past. They have found that it required much more time and money and did not compare to features that ChiroChoices offers. With your ChiroChoices website, there is no compromise.
Can I have an email address with my website name?
ChiroChoices will help you setup and manage email accounts that match your domain name. Being focused on our clients success, we will make recommendations to you that can enhance your overall business communication as well. With our recommended email hosting solutions, all emails have spam filtering and antivirus detection to help eliminate junk mail and viruses from getting onto your office network from emails.
Do you provide newsletters or do we have to provide our own?
We schedule a minimum of one professionally written newsletter each month and they are distributed to our Enhanced and Hands Off maintenance package clients. You can create additional newsletters as well to add to your site content if you would like at any time.
How often can I contact the support staff?
You can contact us as often as you like! Support is unlimited! The staff at ChiroChoices are here to help your practice succeed.
Can I add my own pictures to the website?
Yes, we recommend pictures from every client of ours. This not only helps to establish your practice but more over creates a sense of openness to your patients. They can see who you are, what your practice is like, and begin to get a better sense of how they can appreciate the services that you provide to them.

Our content management system (CMS) allows for you to easily add, remove, adjust, and even edit your pictures. We can even work with videos that are your own or external sources such as Vimeo or YouTube. For those advanced users seeking even more control, source code view as also available.
Can I use my current domain name?
Yes, we can set up your new ChiroChoices website using your existing domain name. We will also advise you on how to better improve your search engine optimization (SEO) in the process as well. This will enable you to gain added value to your online presence while we wait for the transfer of your domain (if needed) to complete. We will build the new website, transfer over any content, and then your new site will go live without any downtime. If you do not have a domain name we will assist in selecting a suitable domain name, register it, and help manage it for you. With ChiroChoices you will always maintain ownership of your domain name.
Can patients requests appointments online?
Our goal is to improve your business flow and in doing so ChiroChoices makes it easy for prospective or existing patients to contact you. We can provide a dedicated appointment request form. Or if your practice is registered with ZocDoc, we can work with them to ensure a suitable appointment button for your website is selected.
We offer specialized services, how custom can my site be?
ChiroChoices websites can be completely customized to match the services that you provide. Some clients have not only chiropractic services but also massage services as well in their office locations and their website reflects both aspects of their business. Our staff members will work with you to ensure that every aspect of your website demonstrates all of the services and products that you have to offer.
How can people find me?
Online – Every ChiroChoices website is search engine optimized (SEO) to rank well in search engines for organic ranking which includes your name, practice name, and general chiropractic searches in your city. If you would like to run internet ad campaigns or mobile marketing campaigns, our staff can work with you to design a customized, budget friendly, strategy that will guide people to your website. Targeted marketing and re-targeted marketing campaigns can also be utilized through our Real Time Bidding system for online ads that spans over 6 billion websites.

Offline – Just like you already should be doing, except with a ChiroChoices website you will be able to boast about the design, style, and how well your patients can interact with you. Our staff members can help you to determine effective strategies of offline marketing
How long is the process for getting the website set up?
ChiroChoices websites can be up and running in about a week if everyone is on the same page and is ready to meet the timeline requirements for that quick of a deadline. Prior experience on our part, shows that most websites are live in two to three weeks. This is generally due to awaiting practice specific content and photos.
How do I get started?
ChiroChoices makes it easy to get started! You can complete the Practice Submission form that will give us your basic details to contact you and gather any additional information we may require. When you speak with our staff members you can finalize the information that you want to have on your website and submit your logo, staff bios, photos, and practice specific details. We do the rest from there in getting you setup with your new site.