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Maintenance Packages

Maintenance Package Offerings

Designed to meet the need of every Chiropractic Office around, we have formulated a variety of maintenance package offers that will appeal to everyone. With the complexities that surround properly structured websites that comply with search engine requirements, ChiroChoices ensures that your website is ready and viewable on all devices that find you online.

Modern design websites have moved away from simple static webpages to dynamic database driven content management systems.  These systems allow for websites to become more interactive from how they operate to how they display.  Every ChiroChoices website is built to dynamically adjust to every screen size, integrate with social media, provide a news/blog to your site, and so much more.  This is why we require all of our websites to have a maintenance package to ensure the complete functionality of your website and the security needed.

Why do I need web maintenance for my site?

Think of your website as a car.  Just like your car needs to have oil changes and tune-ups, your website needs regular maintenance to prevent security risks and data loss. Or compare your website to eating healthy or exercising regularly.  Site maintenance is vital to the health of your online presence.  Maintenance helps to:
  1. Remove website vulnerabilities and reduce security risks.
  2. Insure that your website works properly on different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and others.
  3. SEO parameters change at times from the search engines and require adjustment to prevent you from hurting your placement online.