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Local SEO

Osteoarthritis of SpineLocal SEO Marketing

As a Chiropractor, you typically will rely on local customers, there is no better way to increase free, quality traffic to your business than local SEO. Local SEO allows your practice to show up on the map provided with search results. Now that phones are effectively pocket-sized computers, people are even searching for your business services on the go, and right in your backyard. You need to make sure you pop up rather than your competitors.  Mobile Marketing is another effect tool in which you can drive new customers to your door simply by being in the area that they currently are.

If someone was to search for a Chiropractor in your city would you be listed on the first, second, or even third pages of their search? Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO) marketing is a solid foundation that allows a practice to ensure dominance in their local markets to keep customers walking in the door by finding them online.  The need to be found online is more critical than ever to ensure that your local market knows that you are available to take care of their needs.

Google Places Optimization

googleplus_grayLocal companies that rely upon searches need to ensure that they are being located properly on Google Places.  This is not the ultimate solution for their advertising efforts, but if your company is not showing up the in the proper Google Places results you can easily be missing a large opportunity of being found by both existing and new clients/customers.

Bing Places for Business

bing-businessBing Places for Business is the equivalent to Google Places with the exception that it focuses it’s results on the local search results through the Bing and Yahoo search networks.  As part of a comprehensive local SEO strategy, Cicor Marketing ensures that our clients are properly located to either their target audience location or their physical presence of their facilities.


yelpYelp is one of the highest ranking online urban city guides available that provide members with the ability to provide feedback for businesses regardless of industry.  Everything from doctors to restaurants to lawn care services are on this localized directory.  Yelp is a local business owners best friend because it creates a location in which their company can rank on search results with the biggest of big companies and out perform them with relative ease.  Yelp comments and reviews are available for owners to see and directly communicate with the Yelp members to minimize bad publicity about their organizations as well.