Advertising Your Office | Increasing Your Marketing Dollars Online


chiropractic-back-pain-treatmentAdvertising Benefits & Cost

While there are many different avenues of reaching your target market through advertising, which one will be the best for you.  Each type of advertising allows for different responses and the ability to interact with that existing patient or potential patient in a different way if you choose to.

Types of Advertising Online:

  • Google AdWords
  • Bing/Yahoo Ad Network
  • Mobile Marketing Ads
  • Top Ad Placement
  • Retargeting Ads
  • Display Ads

Our advertising system allows us the ability to specifically target your local area and drive you new customers to your practice.  You can have your practice out perform every other location in your area if you choose to, but the difference is in how much money you spend.  The essential piece is to minimize your ad spend while increasing your conversion rate and bringing in a higher quantity of patients to your practice.

Utilize Your Patients

The current age of “Word Of Mouth” advertising really hasn’t gone away, but rather transformed.  We help you to capitalize your practice on those sites that are where people go to talk about you.

Social Media Ads

We have the ability to drive site traffic to your website through the use of Social Media Ads.  You may say “What does that mean to me?  I can do that myself.”  While you can do it yourself and may have some level of success, we provide the ability to instrumentally change that outcome and have a much higher success rate with a lower cost.  We formulate your ads to attract those people that live and work in your immediate area.  If you want to have a target audience outside your normal reach or in a specific area that your competition is gaining patients that you would rather have been coming to you, then inquire with us today about social media ads and find out how they can increase your local exposure.